For All New Iphone:

Warranty Apple Malaysia 1 Year.

NOT Those JAPAN/US Turbo Sim or Unlock or refurbished Problem Set(Will check on Apple official website for you)

All New with Original Seal.

(All our set Warranty is Non Activated,only activated at the date you bought and insert sim to activated it.)

So don’t need to worry bought any problem/reject/recon/telco set which is already activated.

Not Malaysia Telco set,don’t need to worry telco Sim lock Issue.

For Used IPhone:

All Original,100% Working perfect and warranty 1 month

7 DAY Exchange Guarantee(Can exchange to other unit in 7 Day,so don’t need to worry bought any problem set.

Payment Method:(Cash/Online transfer/Credit card(Surcharge apply)

COD Available for JOHOR BAHRU.

Feel free to visit our store to find out more offer!!Over 200+ Unit to choose!!


  • IPHONE X 64GB/256GB=Up to Rm2900/Rm3200
  • IPHONE 8+ 64GB/256GB=Up to Rm2200/Rm2600
  • IPHONE 8 64GB/256GB=Up to Rm1800/Rm2100
  • IPHONE 7+ 32/128/256=Up to Rm1500/1800/1900
  • IPHONE 7 32/128/256=Up to Rm1100/1300/1400
  • IPHONE 6S+16/64/128=Up to Rm800/1050/1150
  • IPHONE 6S 16GB/64/128=Up to Rm600/800/900
  • IPHONE 6+ 16GB/64/128=Up to Rm600/800/900
  • IPHONE 6 16GB/64/128=Up to Rm450/600/700
  • Note 8=Up to Rm1600
  • S8=Up to Rm1100
  • S8+=Up to Rm1400
  • Note 5=Up to Rm450
  • P20pro=Up to Rm2000
  • P20=Up to Rm1300
  • Mate 10 Pro=Up to Rm1300
  • Mate 10=Up to Rm1000

For Other Brand or Model Please Pm us for Quote

All Price quote is subject to change depend on the current market value.